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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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catch us every night 6:00 p.m. right here, if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." and get sure you get the stock ideas. i'm in for varney at 11:00, we leave you in the ever capable hands of lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. for the first time in our nation's history, a sitting president has called for demonstrations in streets across the country. president obama ignoring the rule of law in our nation's most fundamental values to urge those who disagree with grand jury decisions in the michael brown and the eric garner cases to inconvenience their fellow citizens to disrupt our nation's cities. here is our president speaking to the black entertainment television network. >> long as they're peaceful, i think they're necessary. a country's conscience sometimes has to be triggered by inconvenience because i think a lot of people who saw
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the eric garner video are troubled. even if they haven't had the same experience themselves. even if they're not african-american or latino. there are a lot of good well meaning people. a lot of police officers who might have looked at that and said, you know, that is a tragedy what happened and we've got to figure out what happened, how to bring an end to these kinds of tragedies. but then attention spans move on, right? the next thing, there's some international crisis, change doesn't really occur, and the value of peaceful protests, activism, organizing, is it remind the society this is not yet done. lou: not yet done. president obama also escalating his ongoing assault against law enforcement agencies and officers insulting their training while accusing some departments of fomenting
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prejudice in ranks and suggesting that americans are racist by nature. >> the vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a really tough job, and most of them are doing it well. but a combination of bad training in some cases, a combination in some cases of departments that really are not trying to root out biasses, and in a lot of cases, subconscious fear of folks who look different, all of this contributes to a national problem that's going to require a national solution. lou: a national solution for a national problem. two incidents, a national problem? there was a great saying that came out of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. you're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem. mr. obama increasingly looks to be no part of a solution. protesters seem to hardly need the president's
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encouragement. more than 150 protesters arrested in berkeley, california last night, demonstrators blocking traffic in both directions on interstate highway 80. those demonstrators attacking the california highway patrol, throwing rocks and hurling other objects at the patrolman. and there as you see on the screen, dozens of protesters who chose to lie down on train tracks to stop an amtrak commuter train in protest. the protesters ignored more evidence that validates police officer darren wilson's account of what happened in ferguson, missouri. this time, from the federal investigation. the armed forces medical examiner's autopsy confirms that a struggle took place inside officer wilson's police car. joining us tonight the five co-hosts columnist for the hill, juan williams, good to see you. >> pleasure, lou. lou: first, a president calling for demonstrations in the streets of the country.
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are you astounded? >> no. in fact, i'm somewhat pleased. i think it's in line with people being told as americans we have first amendment rights to not only speak but the right to protest and petition our government when we think that something is wrong or broken in the system. lou: and the president basically, then your judgment is not undercutting the validity of the three autopsies, three separate investigations in ferguson, missouri, not undercutting those two grand jury's decisions and the rule of law, suggesting that this is and somehow a deeply flawed legal process in a nation flawed by racial prejudice. >> i think you're onto something when you say it's a flawed system. i think they're people and those are the folks in the street who feel the system is broken, when you have unarmed
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young man shot all those time, no matter if he's a thug or involved in a struggle. they want a transparent process, a trial or whatsoever. that would be their goal, lou, and the other instance where there was the videotape, unarmed man, and you know, choked to death and whatever, i think people say why wasn't there some opportunity to at least hear the facts in court. so i don't think obama is speaking about the of course thes of the case, the evidence in the case, that's above his pay grade, i think. lou: it is certainly beyond apparently his comprehension, the legal process. because the reality is two grand juries made decisions based on the evidence, the only ones frankly in full possession of the evidence making their determination, and prosecutors decide all the time which case will move forward, which will not. judges make those decisions unilaterally if you will. president should be familiar with a unilateral process,
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don't you think? [ laughter ]. >> i get your point. [ laughter ] >> so as we look at what is happening here. a president that is -- he effectively is fomenting division, rather than using the tools of communication, persuasion, seeking consensus. he continues to do it and takes absolutely no responsibility for the tone that he has set, not only in recent days and as recently as today, but over the course of six years of his administration, divisive? alienating, and by the way as poll after poll shows us, a nation believe thats that race relations have worsened and worsened dramatically in this country as a result of the tone that he has set? >> no, i think the polling i saw indicated they think race relations are worse since he's become president. lou: that's what i just said. >> no, you said they tied it to him. and again i don't know that's specifically the cause. i think for example, the
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demographics of the country have shifted. the politics, the criticism of obama, given the fact -- lou: is there anything wrong, i hate to interrupt, we're short on time. is there anything which this president is responsible? not his words, actions, policies? never held accountable for those, and certainly not by much of the national liberal media or the democratic party. is there anything for which he has been responsible over the course of six years? >> wow! i think you must have missed the midterms, voters didn't like some of his policies, republicans successfully tied the democrats to obama's policy. lou: no, i'm sorry. >> get away from obama. lou: yeah. well, that's good. i'm sorry i missed the midterms but glad that you brought me up to date. >> always helpful. lou: juan, thanks so much. appreciate it. good to see you, juan williams. on capitol hill, a day for m.i.t. economist jonathan gruber, a day for him to
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apologize and try to rationalize his controversial statements about the, quote, stupidity of the american voter end quote. members of the house oversight committee were severely unimpressed. >> i'd like to begin by apologizing sincerely for the offending comments that i made. in some cases i made uninformed and glib comments about the political process behind health care reform. i'm not an expert on politics and my tone implied i was, i was wrong. i was not the architect of president obama's health care plan. >> you remember calling your fellow citizens stupid, and you didn't remember saying that you're the only person who cares about the uninsured and rest of fellow citizens don't give a damn about the uninsured. >> i don't, they were glib and thoughtless comments that i made. >> i was really frustrated with your statements, and i got to tell you, they were insulting.
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they were especially harmful because they gave the opponents of the aca a pr gift. >> we want to know how much you got from the taxpayer and made fun of them after you got the money and lied to them? >> i don't recall the total. lou: house committee chairman darrell issa said he will likely be served a subpoena to testify again, as you heard, there the professor dodged and avoided questions about how much money he made and how many people would lose insurance under obamacare. breaking news tonight, we're told lawmakers now have a deal to keep government open and almost going as normal, but republicans still have not released details of the more than one trillion dollar plan, we are told it's more than a trillion dollars. mitch mcconnell sounding optimistic, but earlier today majority leader harry reid didn't seem certain at all. >> we're going to pass the
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national defense authorization act, we're going to pass the omnibus/cr and the toxic center bill before we leave this week. >> the american people certainly shouldn't be facing another government shutdown but that's what we're facing. no one wins from these cliff-hanger fights that we're having. you know, people lose of the american people. >> i want to give senator mcconnell credit for not using combining, continuing resolution omnibus choosing to keep the word separate. i greatly appreciate it. i hope do you as well. the speculation the house republicans are secretive about the bill because it has no restrictions on the president's plan to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, that's setting off a lot of deep concern within the republican party. democratic party is divided
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over leadership's choice to proceed with a purely partisan document that you would expect from the dnc. senator dianne feinstein today, the head of the senate intelligence committee put out report about the input of a single republican or cia leader publishing a highly, highly biased report on the cia's enhanced interrogation program that ended eight years ago. senator feinstein herself admit on the senate floor that her actions could spur violence against americans and american interest abroad and at home. >> there are those who will seize upon the report and say see what the americans did? and they will try to use it to justify evil actions or insight more violence. we can't prevent that, but history will judge us by our commitment to a just society governed by law, and the willingness to face an ugly
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truth and say never again. lou: there is no question that history will judge whether favorably is, of course, a major, major question. the response out of white house today contradictory. secretary of state john kerry called feinstein last friday trying to delay release of the partisan report. the department of justice issuing a statement claiming they never had enough evidence to charge anyone involved in the program. so while the white house hailed the report claiming enhanced interrogation techniques did not serve our broader counterterrorism efforts, the president's hand picked cia director john brennan disagreed. brennan claiming the intelligence netted in the interrogations were, quote, critical to preventing terrorist attacks. and he nearly resigned over the release of this report. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us.
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. lou: senator dianne feinstein
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defending her release of a purely partisan democratic report on the cia interrogation program, claiming it never produced credible intelligence to fight the war on terror. former cia director michael hayden disagrees. he says the information uncovered the identity of osama bin laden's courier and eventually led to the rate that killed him. >> the information we got from detainees including detainees who had undergone enhanced interrogation contributed to the wealth of knowledge that we needed to have in order to find abu ahmed al kuwayti. joining us now colonel ralph peters. michael hayden makes it clear, the interrogation techniques which haven't been used for ten years, the cia is a rogue
7:18 pm
operation, your reaction? >> first of all, senator feinstein knows very well she is being not just disingenuous but dishonest. of course you don't water board khaled sheikh mohammed and say bin laden would be standing on a corner in wins low, arizona tomorrow at 6:53 p.m., it's not like that. that's not how intelligence works. the way it works is you get connections. it's a vast mosaic, you put the complex puzzle together, you need good instincts sometimes intuition and can be a process that as with bin laden takes years. i can promise you from my friends within the system, information we got from those enhanced interrogation techniques absolutely were critical to stopping terrorist attacks and ultimately to getting bin laden, period. lou: i would be -- i'll speak for myself here, i would be terribly disappointed if your friends in the intelligence
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community, my friends, dianne feinsteins or anyone are telling us which intelligent is important, which terrorist, detainee is important. i prefer that would remain a matter of covert profession and a clandentine squalid partisanship like the report from the cia intelligence committee in the senate is horrendous. >> and the democrats who signed off on the release of that report crying intelligence failure when the next attack happens. senator feinstein when she said the history will judge us, that's correct, they'll judge us as idiots! we are faced by an enemy that will destroy us, if they can kill every man, woman and child in the united states, including muslim americans, they would push that button, and we're worried about our strategic
7:20 pm
table manners. i'm sorry. but i am all for anything, anything we can do to stop terrorists to destroy terrorism to kill terrorists, and senator feinstein today, among the many dreadful things, if you listen to what she said, she portrayed abu zubaida as a hero to the jihadis. that will be played throughout the jihadi community. thank you, senator feinstein, the litany goes on and on. this is a report written exclusively by democratic staffers without reviewing a single intelligence analyst at the cia, released because they know the clock is ticking, the republican congress is coming in, and i personally believe that senator feinstein is trying to rewrite history to secure her legacy. she knew, she knew all of this and saying well, she knew but
7:21 pm
didn't really know. lou: ralph, i think the senator's legacy is now assured. colonel peters will rejoin us later in the broadcast. thank you, ralph. time for a look at online poll results. whether you prefer to have a president who can inspire all americans rather than tear down and divide our nation? 99% of you said yes, you would like to have an inspirational president. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is are you outraged that a sitting president would say your conscience requires the trigger and the inconveniences of street demonstrations to be awakened? cast your vote at the supreme court ruled that retail giant amazon doesn't have to pay warehouse workers for time waiting to pass through security checks at the end of their shifts. unanimous ruling is a victory for retailers who routinely screen employees to prevent
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. lou: coming up here tonight, the latest on the escalating white house war against law enforcement in this country. now, a few comments on the day's events in our nation's capitol. a day which duplicity, deceit, disregard, disrespect and utter boundless were on display, the head of the centers for medicare and medicaid admitting to congress that, yes, the obama administration did mislead congress and the american people about the enrollment number for obamacare. >> in my previous appearance before your committee, i reported a number of americans that were enrolled in marketplace coverage, and that premiums included medical and dental coverage. simply put, this was a mistake. some individuals with both
7:27 pm
medical and dental coverage were counted twice in the individual affected enrollment numbers. moving forward only individuals with medical coverage will be included in our effective enrollment numbers. lou: the mistake was inadvertent, that's what makes a mistake, not outright deceit. committee seemed unpersuaded. then jonathan gruber's turn to apologize that the democratic party intentionally deceived americans on just about every principal element of obamacare admitting that obamacare would have never passed without committing public policy fraud, the ranking democrat managed to agree with the gop but seemingly only because the professor revealed the ugly truth about the obamacare fraud that led to its passage. >> as far as i can tell, we are here today to beat up on jonathan gruber.
7:28 pm
for stupid, absolutely stupid comments he made over the past few years. >> are you stupid? >> i don't think so, no. >> does m.i.t. employ stupid people? >> not to my knowledge. >> okay, so you're a smart man who said some, as the ranking member said, some really stupid things, and you said the same, correct? >> the comments i made were really inexcusable. lou: the democratic senate was not about to be outdone by the house. senator dianne feinstein decided that releasing a controversial cia interrogation report constructed by only democratic members of the committee outweighed endangering american lives and our national interests abroad. >> there are those who will seize upon the report and say see what the americans did? and they will try to use it to justify evil actions or insight
7:29 pm
more violence. we can't prevent that, but history will judge us by our committee to a just society governed by law, and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say never again. lou: and democrats will face judgment on their reckless partisanship and the hostility toward the intelligence community, an intelligence community that the president actually referred to as heroes, which was contradictory to much of what his administration in fact, he, has been saying. the president for his part chose today to demean and smear law enforcement officers across the country as racist and to insult an unnamed number of americans who he sees as racist and without conscience. >> a combination in some cases of folks just not know anything better and in a lot of cases subconscious fear of folks who look different, all of this
7:30 pm
contributes to a national problem. lou: the president with rather a superior view there, don't you think? president obama focusing as well on two incidents and politically exploiting both tragedies. declaring a national problem with racism in a nation 316 million people on the basis of those two incidents. decided on the evidence with which mr. obama and mr. holder disagree, therefore, dismissing not one but two grand juries and the views of the family of eric garner who say his death wasn't just but it had nothing do with race. a president should be inspirational, not shameless. the use of division and deceit to divert the nation's eyes from lack of capacity to lead, to persuade to create consensus instead of dissension, who now calls for more demonstrations throughout the streets of the country. this day has clarified for all who will look, why our true
7:31 pm
national problem is our government. too much of which is made up of those willing to lie to the american people to insult the american people, and to attack those who protect us and law enforcement agencies at home, and our diplomatic core intelligence agencies and our troops who defend us all around this dangerous world. god protect and bless them. up next, senate intel committee chair dianne feinstein acknowledges her own partisan political report could put american lives in danger. that's next.
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. lou: the "washington post" and the "new york times" headlines today directly contradicting each other on the 2016 republican feel for president and likely donors. the times headline reads, quote, gop donors seek early call on 2016 nominee. with the post headline reading, quote, big gop donors choose to wait. money push may keep 2016 field unsettled. there you have it. the clash of the liberal media titans. we'll be on the lookout from, well, i guess we can watch both for corrections, couldn't we? the fbi warning state and local law enforcement that the release of the cia interrogation report by senator
7:36 pm
dianne feinstein and the senate democrats could spark violence and be exploited by terrorist groups for recruitment. joining us tonight former pentagon official fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. thanks for being here. this report is completely political and without, i can't even imagine why should be motivated on political grounds to release a report that the republicans didn't participate in. >> here we have something about a situation that happened years ago. we're not doing this stuff anymore. why release it publicly of? you have the fbi director saying america watch out, we expect attacks and recruitment at home as a result of this report. the secretary of defense put u.s. forces on heightened alert status around the world. the secretary of state said all american embassies and consulates around the world be careful, we might have something coming. why are we doing this to, i guess blame bush one more time before the democrats go out of the senate? this will have a long-term
7:37 pm
effect, not just is there going to be something that happens now. but before intelligence agencies look at this and say we're not going to share intelligence with america. we don't know where we're going to see it, in a public newspaper, public report to congress? and also the cia intelligence officials, anybody in the intelligence community in the united states has to look at that and say, you know, these people acted in good faith after september 11th and now they're going after them. maybe we shouldn't stick our next out. maybe we ought to stay inside the box. maybe we ought to go in the defensive position because you never know when good actions bite you ten years later. lou: the reality is one of the reasons oversight in the house and the senate, sometimes does not work is because the intelligence community knows being the folks they are, knows with certainty who will be leaking what, and who is going to put their political interest ahead of the national interests. is that what dianne feinstein
7:38 pm
did here? >> sure looks like it. there's no problem with investigating. they wanted to investigate, they thought they were regulars, do it in private. don't do it in public. first rule of foreign policy is first do no harm. what are we doing by this? endangering americans at home and abroad. putting our intelligence community in danger, and we are frankly we're going to go back gutting a generation of intelligence communities and networks. we did this in the late 1970s lou when senator frank church wanted to run for president. he didn't get to run for president. as a result of what he did, for a generation, we had hampered our ability to collect human intelligence. lou: he gutted the clandestine forces in the views of many. is there a political coincidence here that this report was released by feinstein today, that there was
7:39 pm
a public release of a difference of view between the white house and a couple of its cabinet members and the cia director about its release just as jonathan gruber was betraying the left by showing the fact that it was a fraud. obamacare was a fraud on the american people. >> don't we think that's an amazing coincidence that gruber, the nation wants to look at, and what are we doing? don't look over there, make sure you focus on the things that happened years ago. you know why it happened, lou? it had to give the mainstream media something to focus on today. lou: thank you very much, k.t. mcfarland, rejoining us later. turning to wall street, stocks recovered after sharply lower, and i mean very sharply. the dow fell 51 points, the s&p down a fraction. volume on the big board almost 4 billion shares.
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. lou: president obama is in nashville today, admitting it would be theoretically impossible to undo executive amnesty but insists that's highly unlikely. >> it's true that a future administration might try to reverse some of our policies. but i'll be honest with you. i think that the american people basically have a good heart, and want to treat people
7:45 pm
fairly. lou: wow week have good heart, encouraging our president recognizes that in us. joining us to discuss amnesty and whether or not there will be a role. two of the best attorneys, lis wiehl and mercedes colwin. great to have you both here. has the president helped opposition by signing the executive order? >> i think we're surprised because we thought as you signed executive order, we thought about that with amnesty and with executive order it's got to be published out there. a memo, this is two memorandums they do not have to be published. a little more cloak-and-dagger that we just are finally -- lou: surreptitious and sinister. >> i'm not saying that, we're finding out now about it. >> are we surprised? how much transparency is there in this administration? if there's a way to hold it back and be transparent to the
7:46 pm
public, they can do it. lou: under color of what law, then, has the president acted here that five million illegal immigrants will be given de facto amnesty. he didn't have the courage after all of the blather and boisterous nonsense about issuing an executive fiat. he doesn't sign the memorandum. >> the memoranda and the executive order has the same function, it can still change the law without congress. lou: we're a country made up of idiots. >> to be fair -- >> let's be accurate, okay, first, if we may. how in the hell do we get to the point there is imperial presidency. i don't care who's in that oval office. i don't want an imperial president. i don't want a president or executive branch that can say to hell with the legislative branch and to hell with the constitution and act as if it's 19 -- >> you sound like you want
7:47 pm
checks and balances. lou: you mean like the founders? >>, is that right? wow, lou. lou: how in the world do we tolerate this nonsense? >> we've already tolerated it. the majority voted in 2012. we're done. the dye is cast. lou: authoritarian government, if i may say, that speaking to our electoral process a little far. >> also, lou, a lot of the public is saying wait a minute, president obama didn't you say repeatedly you could not -- >> the immigration law. >> doing this with a stroke of a pen. even less than a stroke of a pen. lou: i always thought of both of you as brilliant, tough attorneys. terrific, always. you've got to be worried about columbia law school, though. my goodness. lou: they decided the little darlins might be impaired, their students, by the demonstrations in the streets
7:48 pm
of new york and ferguson and they don't have to take finals because they may be so -- internalized so much of this. >> you have to toughen up if you want to be a lit garrett and go into the courtroom and represent a client. can you imagine going to a lawyer like that, and, oh, i really need -- i can't be there for you because i'm so emotionally distraught. >> i'm so emotionally distraught. i can't handle it. >> buck up. >> deal with it. lou: pro bono or other wise to the columbia law school and give them some little tutelage in toughness and brightness and effectiveness. >> this is professor wiehl. she teaches at law schools. lou: the school has to be mortally embarrassed. they have shown their sensitive
7:49 pm
side. mercedes great to have you with us. lis wiehl and mercedes colwin. republicans split whether to reverse a controversial change to allow filibusters on executive and judicial nominations. majority leader harry reid unilaterally changed the rules last year, so-called nuclear oppositi opposition -- operation, not the 60-40 vote standard for four decades. senator john mccain says it's rank hypocrisy if republicans don't change it back! thank you very much, mr. mccain. the incoming chair of the senate judiciary committee senator chuck grassley is leaving toward leaving it alone. good for you, senator. up next, a partisan political report puts the nation's security in jeopardy. k.t. mcfarland and ralph peters on, well, the feinstein report. ♪ (holiday music is playing)
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or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells,... you can get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. lou: rejoining us now, fox news strangle i can analyst ralph peters. kt mcfarland. let me be with you, kt, if i may. what is the likely result of the release of the feinstein report on our relationship particularly with our allies and the degree of danger that this puts our troops, our
7:54 pm
intelligence agencies, our diplomats at? >> our allies have to look at and say, can we trust you to keep your word? if we're going to share with you central intelligence, which, by the way, we need particularly as terrorist groups are forming and reforming, we need those foreign intelligence services. they have to look at us and say, do we bother? how can we trust you? because their covers will be blown. >> i'll say the cia is a victim of changing times. the heyday back in the '60s, they'd love it if they could call our troops baby killers and get away with it. the american people love the troops. highest rated government institution military. who can the left pick on? the cia. they can't fight back. they can't answer the charges publicly. so the cia becomes the baby killers. it's just pathetic
7:55 pm
because as kt has observed, it's a tremendous disservice to our country. on a political side, kt made a great point on her column on fox basically the democrats are behaving like bad tenants being evicted. now they'll trash the place before the new owners come. lou: aptly put. you get credit, ralph, because you're quoting kt. let me turn now to -- in the midst of this malstorm in washington, putin is still in charge of russia. annexed crimea. continues to threaten without reservation ukraine, h estonia, are sitting there waiting to be his next project. and, still, we haven't seen any shift, any change, any strategic response from this
7:56 pm
administration. >> that's the biggest problem of all. where are we going from here? where do we want to be five years from now? it's all the headline of the day, how do we get over that one. russia, we've slapped sanctions on russia for you will all the terrible things they've done. lower gas prices has had the biggest effect. they're in trouble. they're not meeting payroll because of that. lou: let me ask you, ralph, is it coincidental that iran has carried out jet fighter strikes against isis, that israel has carried out strikes against surface to air missile supplies and parts in syria, and that the saudis are continuing to drive oil prices down? this looks suspiciously coordinated and to what end? >> well, it's certainly
7:57 pm
coordinated, but on multiple sides. the saudis are certainly driving oil prices down. partly because of their threat from us shale gas and oil. but largely because it's a way to get iran without fighting. to really hurt iran. and, by the way, the saudis don't like the russians either. we benefit from that. it's a curious situation. the actions of saudi arabia are having a far more profound strategic effect as far away as venezuela than any action of the obama administration. in my mind, you've got to stand up to bullies. putin is a classic bully. we should be arming and training the ukrainians now. and we won't do it. lou: is it too late? >> no, it's not. >> we're not thinking strategically. the iranians are thinking strategically. they're bombing weapons.
7:58 pm
the saudis are thinking strategically. they're trying to drive the price of oil down because it hurts iran more than them. lou: thank you, both for being with us. time now for your comments. lawyer:laurie: the damage that president obama is immeasurable. what is wrong with dianne feinstein although i'm not surprised that the democrats would pull this dangerous stunt. wilma emailed me in georgia, as black american i would feel more compatible to the cause if they marched in the streets when blacks kill blacks. the wrap tonight is, i guess, straightforward. we have a president whose signature legislation we find was built on deceit. it is a fraud that was perpetrated on the american people and our congress by the leaders of the democratic party
7:59 pm
in absolute solidarity with the president. now, for the first time in history, we have a president calling for demonstrations in our nation's streets because we have a president who believes obviously the people he leads are not only not exceptional, but without conscience. after this day we at least know our true national problem: a government that is run by people frankly that are not worthy of us. email me at follow us on twitter @loudobbsnews. find everything at that's it for us tonight. stay tuned for neil cavuto coming up. we thank you for being with us. have a great evening. see you tomorrow. good night from new york.
8:00 pm
neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto, and congratulations liberals, you put american personnel all over the world at risk. and your tortured logic is that the world has a right to know that we torture. pity you didn't feel the same way about those jonathan gruber videos. that is torturuous. his musings is torturuous. no matter. that was a sham meant to be embarrassing this president, not so your torture release meant to embarrass, oh, that president. it is amazing what you guys will do in the name of transparency because it is so transparent what you're up to.


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